About Us


MarketingSpark is a media platform and a network for marketing professionals.

Our goal is to stimulate the marketing sector by making marketing knowledge accessible to all professionals e.i. also in terms of language and in budget.
We aim at achieving our goal by sharing knowledge and insights, developments and services and connecting and collaborating with other professionals.

We write blogs, offer professional and honest priced marketing services and organize interesting and cool and events and meetups on branding, digital analytics, artificial intelligence, culture, entrepreneurship, business development and much more in the marketing & business world.
Both in Dutch and English.

CultureSpark is part of marketingSpark and is a platform for professionals who work in the culture sector or people that are fond of culture.
Our aim is to stimulate a stronger arts and culture sector. We believe that sharing knowledge, inspiration, network, and creating collaborations and support contributes positively to a strong and vital sector.
The final goal is that more people experience art and culture and that there is a broader public support for art and culture.

Our network and platform are community powered. We join forces to learn from each other, to inspire and collaborate with each other.
The network is sector-wide: we learn from and connect professionals of several businesses.

In addition, the network offers you professional marketing and events services or connects you to a reliable agency.

Join our network and stay informed of developments in the field, learn from each other, meet experts, get support and exchange experiences.


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Our Mission and Vision

Stimulate marketing developments and support marketing professionals by making marketing knowledge accessible to all professionals e.i. also in terms of language and in budget.

Core Values

- Passion for marketing and culture
- Professionalism and experience
- Match of measurable results, ethics, and social behavior
- Competitive but honest pricing

marketingSpark Team at Boom Marketing