Airlines eager to reassure customers to get them booking again

Airlines eager to reassure customers to get them booking again

by Arianna Ardia-Wenink
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Airlines are using their customer communication channels to try to reassure people about the safety of flying and make clear the changes they have made amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in the attempt to get people considering flying and booking flights again.

In an email to customers entitled ‘Our Europe with confidence pledge’, EasyJet promises to look after customer wellbeing as one of its core brand tenets, alongside remaining “committed to sustainability” and “offering great value”.

The e-mail signed by CEO Johan Lundgren mentions: “It’s in our nature to travel. And while travelling as you used to may feel a little different for a while, rest assured that we’re doing absolutely everything that we can to let you explore Europe with confidence”.

The email lays out in detail how EasyJet will do this: passengers and crew will wear masks and planes will be deep-cleaned often. EasyJet has removed its onboard catering service. And will also try as much as possible to distribute passengers across the aircraft. But passengers will not have to sit 2m apart, despite calls for middle seats to remain empty for social distancing.

British Airways is also hoping to boost demand with a CRM campaign called ‘Ready when you are’. It has created a series of videos that explain how it is preparing to welcome customers back through a rigorous cleaning schedule. And triggering customers to use the app and its new sanitising stations, reducing time in the airport and wearing a face mask.

The actions comes as airlines try to gradually reintroduce flights as countries begin to reopen their borders and lift restrictions. Countries including Italy, France, Spain and Greece are reopening to tourists, although the United Kingdom’s advice is still to avoid all but essential travel and it is set to introduce mandatory 14-day quarantine for anyone returning from abroad.

EasyJet intends to fire 30 percent of staff. According to the direction the reduction is necessary due to, among other things, the reduction of the fleet, the optimization of the network and the bases and the improved productivity.  The direction also says that thye are forced to save costs.

The boss of EasyJet has said he would feel “100% safe” flying on full planes as the airline resumed a limited number of flights after a 10-week hiatus.

British airline EasyJet on Thursday said it would return to the skies on June 15, with “a small number of flights”, after grounding its entire fleet because of the coronavirus. On June 15, easyJet will resume part of the flight schedule, starting with mainly domestic flights in France and the United Kingdom.

EasyJet expects to operate around 30% of its planned flights in the final three months of summer, having seen demand slump due to the coronavirus pandemic. EasyJet plans to reopen half of its 1,022 routes by the end of next month, increasing to 75% during August.

EasyJet’s Irish rival Ryanair recently said it would restore 40 percent of its flights from July.


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