In full corona crisis entrepreneur Danny Bree will make a restart with the platform Gallerease to give the galleries the opportunity to sell their art online.

Entrepreneur revives Gallerease: ‘The Funda of the art market’

by Julia
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Entrepreneur Danny Bree will make a restart with the platform Gallerease, which flopped two years ago. On top of that the corona crisis also offers opportunities: “There are already 40 galleries participating and there are 5,500 works of art online.”

The Gallerease platform was founded in 2016 by two entrepreneurs who wanted to make the art market more transparent and gave the galleries the opportunity to sell their art online. In the fall of 2018, the platform went bankrupt. Possibilities for a restart were investigated, but not found.

Last year, the trustee turned out to have sold some parts to an investor who breathed new life into the company.


The Restart

Entrepreneur and investor Danny Bree has bought the architecture and the content of the website, as well as the brand and domain name for a modest amount, confims a colleague of the curator.

“The restart is going well. More than 40 galleries are already participating, and there are 5,500 art objects on the website,” says Bree.

 Bree does things differently than in the past, when he was still a co-shareholder of the company.

“We have adapted the revenue model to ‘no cure no pay’ and help the galleries to put their collection online free of charge. This is experienced as positive, especially in these difficult times for the art market.”

Previously, participating galleries paid a fixed subscription fee to put artworks online. This led to dissatisfaction according to the curatorial reports.

“You saw that galleries dropped out if the subscription had to be extended, because they sometimes did not immediately see the return,” says Bree. “Without a subscription fee, there is no disappointment if it does not immediately deliver.”

When a work is sold through Gallerease, Bree charges 10 percent of the proceerds. “It is indeed not enough at first. But if we create enough mass, we can earn something with it. The world of gallery owners and artists is also very nice.”

Corona crisis: challenges and advantages

As for all entrepreneurs, the corona crisis is also a challenge for Bree. “But it also as advantages. Because many galleries can only let in a limited number of customers, there is more interest in putting the works online. It has increased the willingness of gallery owners, who can sometimes be a bit conservative, to participate.”

The current Gallerease can also take advantage of the relatively low costs. The latest bankruptcy report shows that Bree had to pay the bankruptcy trustee 9,000 euros for the website

Moreover, it turned out that there was a stroke of luck in the estate: “Despite the bankruptcy, the website still appeared to attract visitors and to have generated requests from galleries. So I could start immediately at the end of last year.”

[Image Credit: Aaina Sharma/Unsplash | Source: RTL Nieuws]

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