Google Maps gets “more detailed, colorful map”

Google Maps gets “more detailed, colorful map”

by Arianna Ardia-Wenink
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Bluer blues, greener greens, brown deserts, and more detail.

Google Maps will suddenly start to look different soon. Google announced a rework for Google Maps  which will now pull in color data from satellite imagery. Google published a few before-and-after comparison shots.

Google Maps will offer a color palette for a more vibrant map: ocean blues are bluer, forest greens are greener, and the map even shows snowy mountain peaks in white and barren land in brown.

Previously, the base map was only ever grey (normal land), green (vegetation and parks), or blue (water). The addition is the coloring of dirt and snow. It’s not clear what’s going on with the normal ground color.

‘Google Maps has high-definition satellite imagery for over 98 percent of the world’s population. With a new color-mapping algorithmic technique, we’re able to take this imagery and translate it into an even more comprehensive, vibrant map of an area at global scale. Exploring a place gives you a look at its natural features—so you can easily distinguish tan, arid beaches and deserts from blue lakes, rivers, oceans and ravines. You can know at a glance how lush and green a place is with vegetation, and even see if there are snow caps on the peaks of mountaintops.

With this update, Google Maps has one of the most comprehensive views of natural features on any major map app—with availability in all 220 countries and territories that Google Maps supports. That’s coverage for over 100M square kilometers of land, or 18 billion football fields!

This update is visible no matter what area you’re looking at—from the biggest metropolitan areas to small, rural towns.’

[Source: Google]

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