Negotiatons between Twitter and TikTok

Negotiatons between Twitter and TikTok

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Twitter and TikTok would have negotiated about a possible cooperation, according to The Wall Street Journal. It is not yet clear if the social-media platform has any plans for a serious take-over.

TikTok has time till half-way through September to find a buyer, otherwise doing further business in the United States will be rather impossible due to the sanctions announced by Washington.

Since a few weeks Microsoft negotiated with TikTok for taking over activities in the United States, Audtralia and New Zealand.

Before, there were already rumours that Apple was interested. Apple itself denies such claims.

Twitter doesn’t seem to be a very serious candidate though. About $30 billion will have to be paid for TikTok, and Twitter does not have such deep pockets.

TikTok is reportedly filing suit against the US government on Tuesday. According to the Chinese company, the announced ban is unconstitutional because TikTok did not have time to respond. Nor would there be any justification for the ban.

Image Credit: Kon Karampelas / Unsplash

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