New Series “Infinite Light” Eileen Kelly

by Jacqueline Bourgonje
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Eileen Kelly:

“During this pandemic, I choose to find and share the light through this new series

~ When we stop and observe, we will see the universe is taking this time to heal itself ~

~~ The atmosphere, water, and nature are benefiting greatly from humanities slowdown ~~

~ It is the hope that humanity can also take this time to heal itself, to observe the silence ~

​while strengthening family and community bonds, both near & far.”

By Eileen Kelly

RAY OF HOPE By Eileen Kelly

Grateful for the ray of sunshine that breaks the darkness of each night.
Eileen Kelly
CLING TO HOPE By Eileen Kelly
May you cling to hope & embrace all the light in the world
Eileen Kelly
LIGHT by Eileen Kelly

The natural agent that stimulates sight & makes things visible.


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