Picnic will develop and sell products under its own Picnic brand.

Picnic will sell its own brand products

by Arianna Ardia-Wenink

Picnic will develop and sell products under its own Picnic brand name. That is what Picnic CEO Michiel Muller tells in an interview with the magazine Distrifood.

It will be products such as chips, preserved food and kitchen paper. A team of six people, with the help of supermarket partners Boni and Edeka, is currently working on the designs and research.

The emphasis will be on sustainability. Picnic says it will build the first sustainable e-commerce brand, in the field of packaging, formulation and the supply chain, which will appear throughout the range. “We don’t build a brand to be cheap. We build a brand that customers like and that has both topline and cheap products. There are a lot of opportunities. ”

At the moment Picnic only sells some fresh products under its own label. Since the company does not have physical supermarkets, it can fully focus on e-commerce with its own brand. For example, the design of the packaging must only fit the e-commerce requirements, as the product will not be sold in the store.

It is still unclear when the Picnic brand will be available; according to Muller, much has to be worked out. “We are going to do it, that’s for sure,” says the CEO. “But we don’t know yet whether we will start with five products and five the following week, or whether we will immediately add fifty products to the range”.

[Source: Retailtrends]

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