Scapino Ballet funding may end due to Arts Council advice

Scapino Ballet funding may end due to Arts Council advice

by Arianna Ardia-Wenink
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Scapino Ballet funding may end from 2021. The Raad voor Cultuur (Arts Council) has given a negative subsidy advice for the ballet company for the culture plan period 2021-2024. Eight cultural institutions have to re-write their application.

In the opinion of the Council itself, the oldest dance company in the Netherlands is healthy and shows good performance. Nevertheless, the Raad voor Cultuur Board advises not to grant a subsidy to one of the most successful companies of the moment in the coming period. The Council sees that Scapino Ballet is making great efforts to increase the visibility of dance in the Netherlands, but believes that this sometimes comes at the expense of the artistic product.

Subsidies for the arts should include more support for innovative and less big city centred applicants while established recipients will have to rescue themselves, the Dutch arts council Raad voor Cultuur has said in its four-yearly recommendations.

The council said it wants to involve a broader, younger audience in the arts and that pop music, urban, musicals, e-culture and cultural activity away from the four big cities are as much a part of the cultural infrastructure as classical music and ballet.

The council has some €200m. This budget has to be divided among 220 applicants, of whom 107 were awarded a subsidy. Eight were told to re-apply before November with a revised proposal. The Amsterdam-based National Ballet & Opera company and the Eye film museum were also asked to re-write their application.

The Raad voor Cultuur said that five cultural organisations, including the Scapino Ballet company and Frascati theatre in Amsterdam, should no longer receive any government support while others will get less money. Over half the granted are new and the list now also includes 12 regional museums, one for every province.

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Alisa June 7, 2020 - 1:26 pm

Oh, sorry to hear! In time of corona crisis even famous and successful projects need support.

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