Our Services

The marketingSpark Network of professionals offers you
marketing and events services:

Marketing Services

We advise/support/implement marketing services or connect you to a reliable agency. Our experts are available for advice on branding, communication material, media campaigns, market and media research, SEO/SEA, data analysis, and more, on your, our or other media channels.

Our own media channels are specialized in the targets groups internationals (reach: 15000) and marketing professionals (reach 5000).

Outsource your marketing campaigns, market or media research and let us plot, monitor, carry out and optimize them. Or get exposure on our online or offline channels.

Event Services

We organize and promote interesting, accessible and cool events, meetups and seminars with excellent guest speakers on topics like branding, digital analytics, artificial intelligence and much more in the marketing & business world. Our events always match current themes and knowledge needs and are mostly in English so internationals can join as well.

Have a look at our events.

Join and partner up with us for our event or hire us to organize yours.


Our events and activities offer an ideal base to network, grow your knowledge and share insights with other professionals. Check our events agenda.


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What can we do for you

We can help you in many areas, below some examples, like:

Advise, production, promotion of:
• Communication material: logo’s, ads, banners, photo editing, podcasts...
• Video Producing, Editing, Marketing
• Media campaigns on websites, newsletters, social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo)
• Media research
• Google Ads
• SEO copywriting
• Content marketing & storytelling
• Link building
• Remarketing
• Display Advertising
• Social Media Marketing
• Email marketing
• Qualitative and Quantitative Market Research
• Events, seminars, meetups.

Why Choose Us

For at least 7 reasons:


Expertise and Experience

We have several specialists in our network. Each with its own expertise. Think of digital marketing, content marketing, graphic design, video production, market or media research, SEO, SEA, link building, social media, conversion optimization and much more.

A team of specialists with years of marketing experience and knowledge of the field and sector will work for you and be your sparring partner.


Good Pricing

Marketing tools, channels and services can be quite expensive. Especially for small or medium-sized organizations. Or are cheap but difficult to set up. We offer all these for a discrete competitive price. So make use of that!


Time saving

A good market research or a good online marketing campaign takes time. You can do everything yourself but you will save time if you leave it to the experts.


Network organisation

We are not marketing agency, neither a bigger commercial company. We are a Network organisation of professionals that firstly aims at sharing knowledge and supporting other professionals. Our profit lies primarily in achieving this goal.
The professionals in our Network work for a small selection of clients at the time and are therefore fully dedicated and motivated to satisfy you.

For each request we look in our broad Network who will be the best adviser for the job.

You will get the most of us for an honest price!


Fresh look & New Insights

If you engage external advice from professionals with knowledge in the field but also expertise in other fields and countries, your company will be viewed from a different perspective and possibly get new insights that can improve your organization and strategy.


Measurable results

A major advantage of online marketing is that all marketing activities are easy to measure. We can send clear reports containing developments, opportunities and challenges, conclusions and recommendations. Based on this, you can then sharpen your goals.


New Reach

In addition to your own reach, we can also run campaigns on the digital platforms of marketingSpark and expatsHaarlem and its partners.

New media channels will bring you new reach, target groups and possibly new business.
We reach many internationals. Do you have relevant news or a good offer for them? Let us share it!

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