TikTok hits 100 million users in Europe

TikTok hits 100 million users in Europe

by Arianna Ardia-Wenink
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TikTok has announced that it now has more than 100 million monthly active users in Europe.

Last month, on August 24th TikTok announced it had 100 million monthly active U.S. users. Monday, September 14th  TikTok revealed more than 100 million people across Europe are active on TikTok every month, according to a blog post by Rich Waterworth, the company’s European general manager.

Rich Waterworth, reveals in the same post also the secret of TikTok’s success:

‘TikTok is a home for positive, creative expression – and from beauty, comedy, and education, to magic, music and sport, we offer a brand of joyful entertainment that’s authentic, relatable, and truly diverse. 

Since we first established our presence in Europe, we’ve taken a localised approach and sought to become part of the fabric of society here. This is reflected in the incredible wealth of local content and trends emerging on TikTok”.

TikTok invested in Europe’s market. In Rich Waterworth’s words:

”In recognition of this thriving ecosystem of local content, we launched our Creator Fund for Europe earlier this month, an investment of approx. €250m over the next three years to help creators turn their creativity into a career. In the space of just two weeks, over 40% of all eligible creators have enrolled, demonstrating just how engaged our creator community is.’

At the outset of the global pandemic, we also committed to investing €65m to help those most impacted by the public health crisis. Our work began with supporting healthcare workers across France, Germany, Italy and the UK at the height of the emergency. Now, as we all count the cost of the longer-term societal impacts of Covid-19, we’re exploring how we further invest to support specific sectors and organisations significantly affected by the past six months.

In line with the continued growth of our community, we’re also continuing to scale our own teams and operations. We now have over 1,600 employees in Europe (approx. 1,300 in the UK and Ireland alone), working across a wide range of areas including brand and creator engagement, commercialisation, music, product, privacy, policy and safety. 

TikTok is a community like no other: it’s a platform that entertains and informs users, fuels creators’ career ambitions and provides unique opportunities for artists and brands to reach and engage with audiences in exciting and unexpected ways.  

Our latest marketing campaign is branded ‘It Starts on TikTok‘ – and for us in Europe, this really is just the start. “.


Douyin is the “bellwether” for TikTok’s growth in the future

The number of users could grow massively in the years ahead, according to social media expert Matthew Brennan, a China-based social media analyst. He told CNBC on Tuesday, September 15th, 2020 that the rapid growth of Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, is a “bellwether” for TikTok’s growth in other regions.


Threat to U.S. social media

TikTok forms a threat to U.S. social media companies as advertisers may start to spend their ads budgets on TikTok instead of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snap.

While there have been rumors of potential buyers of TikTok, many companies and brands have taken it upon themselves to develop a competing app or feature in their existing platforms. Read more in our article The TikTok ban: the battle of the brands.

Business Insider refers that President Trump has threatened to shut down the app on Tuesday if a sale is not agreed to offload the company’s US arm to an American buyer. However, Business Insider also mentions that Trump’s timescales appear not to be supported by an executive order, which gives TikTok until September 20th to reach a deal. — a date that itself is in doubt following a second executive order giving the ability to extend the deadline until November 12.


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