Men’s beauty brand War Paint for Men

War Paint For Men opens world’s first men’s makeup store

by Arianna Ardia-Wenink

Men’s beauty brand War Paint for Men opened the world’s first men’s makeup brand store, located on London’s iconic Carnaby Street. 

The world-first store, open from mid July 2021, sells the full range of War Paint for Men products, and offers men the chance to learn about makeup options and trial products.

Their founding principle is to offer men more personal care choice, and through looking and feeling better, improve confidence.

The founder, Danny Gray, is also a passionate supporter of men’s mental health, a theme that features strongly in the store. This has led to a collaboration with The Lions Barber Collective, a group of not-for-profit top-flight barbers, trained in mental health support to help prevent male suicide. The War Paint store is their first permanent home and by paying for a haircut, customers will be helping to save lives.

By creating an IRL destination to discover and interact with make-up products, the brand is further normalising the landscape of beauty for men. ‘I wanted to create a relaxed, inviting place to help men feel comfortable to have a conversation and learn more about makeup, get a haircut or even talk about mental health,’ comments Danny Gray, founder of War Paint for Men.

War Paint for Men, founded in 2015, sells its products in more than 80 countries and previously opened the world’s first men’s make-up brand counter in a retail store at John Lewis.

Through this retail space – and its central London location – the brand caters to burgeoning interest in these products.

In the music sector many singers have this year shown and talked about their passion for make up. Think at Harry Styles, Alex Rodriguez, Adam Lambert and Damiano of Måneskin.

In future, beauty brands can occupy branded spaces as part of wider push for promoting confidence among men. And for example hosting dedicated events that encourage healthy conversations around men’s make-up.


Opening video makeup store War Paint For Men

Check the video of the official opening.

[Source: War Paint for Men]

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