YouTube Music in NL: competition for Spotify en Apple Music

YouTube Music in NL: competition for Spotify en Apple Music

by Arianna Ardia-Wenink
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As of today streaming service YouTube Music is also available in the Netherlands. It is a serious competitor of Spotify, Apple Music and other digital music providers. YouTube Music offers an extra service that others do not have: videos with your music.

Services like Spotify and YouTube Music allow you to stream music, create playlists, discover new songs, and more. Although they all seem pretty much the same at first glance, there are differences between them. The main difference is that the number of tracks on YouTube Music is larger because it offers lots of videos from YouTube.


Turn YouTube videos into songs

If you like to listen to covers and live shows you’re much more likely to find these on YouTube than on a music streaming platform. Thankfully, YouTube Music lets you browse regular videos and play them as songs, add them to playlists, and download them. Depending on what kind of music you listen to, you can look for popular songs more easily with Google’s offering than Spotify’s.


Value for money

YouTube Music subscription costs are comparable to the competition. For the first three months, new users can use the service for free. Then you can choose from four subscription types.

The cheapest subscription for YouTube Music costs 9.99 euros. For that amount you get the same services as many others offer: ad-free listening and the option to download music, so you can listen without an internet connection.

The 2 euro more expensive variant is called YouTube Premium. This also allows you to watch ad-free YouTube and watch all exclusive YouTube videos and series that were previously part of YouTube Red – YouTube’s paid video service with its own content.

For families up to six people, Google also has two subscription types. The cheaper version – only YouTube Music – costs 14.99 euros. Premium Family costs 17.99 euros.

It is also possible to use YouTube Music for free. Then there will be many commercials and you cannot continue to listen to music on the background, for example if you open another app.


Apple App Store more expensive

Google makes it more expensive for iPhone and iPad users to subscribe to the service from the Apple App Store. If you do that, you pay 12.99 euros for the cheapest plan. That 3 euros difference is the 30 percent commission that YouTube’s parent company Google normally has to give to Apple for all purchases in the App Store. With this construction, the costumers have to pay the bill of that commission.

Google helps you to bypass the App Store. You can take out a subscription via the YouTube Music website for the ‘normal’ amount of a monthly subscription, and you can still download the free app from the Apple App Store.


Youtube Music threat for Spotify

YouTube Music has the chances of becoming a major competitor to Spotify. Also because Google will eventually replace the Google Play Music app with YouTube Music on all Android devices.



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